Securing the digital asset ecosystem

BTQ builds post-quantum infrastructure to enable the next generation of energy-efficient blockchain networks.

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Enabling an on‑chain future

Quantum Security

Compact post-quantum signature schemes to safeguard assets from attacks by quantum computers.

Verifiable Scripting

Flexible smart contracts with formal verification built in to enable mathematical verification.

Eco-friendly Mining

Algorithms that require significantly less energy and cost to operate without compromising security.

About us

BTQ was founded by a group of post-quantum cryptographers with an interest in addressing the urgent threat that a large-scale universal quantum computer poses to blockchain security. With the support of leading research institutes and universities, BTQ is combining software and hardware to safeguard the cryptocurrency asset class with unique post-quantum services and solutions.

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  • Olivier Roussy Newton

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Ming-Yang Chih

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Nicolas Roussy Newton

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Peter Lavelle

    Chief Legal Officer
  • Chen-Mou Cheng

    Chief Scientific Officer
  • Po-Chun Kuo

    Head of Cryptography

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BTQ Welcomes Chen-Mou Cheng as Chief Scientific Officer

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World-leader in Post-Quantum Cryptography research joins as Chief Scientific Officer BTQ is proud to announce the appointment of Chen-Mou Cheng as …

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Over the Rainbow: NIST PQC Update

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Mosca's Inequality Theorem Edited by Chen-Mou Cheng, Chief Scientific Officer. Growing threat of quantum computers In recent years, substantial …

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Blockchain finance in the quantum era

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